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Sunday, June 20, 2010

it has been a year.
just one year.
it's really been the longest and thickest year i've ever had in my life.

i started university, and started ESP. thats one thick academic story on its own already. i started living in KR, and that's where life really happened.

in one year, i did so many things i could never have done in a simple year. i donned fancy costumes dancing rag and chingay in front of a crowd, donned cool clothes dancing hiphop in front of a crowd, got cornered by 2 girls who shaved part of my leg, had so many different people who could ever visit me in my room visit me in my room, tried to date a girl for KR's dating game, tried to date girls outside of dating game, talked overnight and wished upon a shooting star at the roof of a high building, learnt to supper after midnight, organized a camp, went on roadtrips... and the rest of the crazy things dotted a whole chapter of hall life i'll never be able to summarize nor yet forget.

but the only thing that matters from all of this is the people. you go for camps and after that you miss your groupmates. you go for a one year camp - that's what it's like - and you feel something so big you can't even describe how much you miss them if you don't see these people again.

especially when these group of people, you don't just share classes with; these people, with whom you practically share weal and woe, heart and soul, through the timeless time and the senseless times you spent together. they become- cliche or not- family... it doesn't matter if KR or C-Block doesn't feel familial, it's too many people at a go. as long as you feel empty without seeing these people again, that's family for you.

i feel empty without seeing HPB 0910 again.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

can't catch the butterfly.

all of a flutter;
takes off and flits
into the daylight and what seems like summer

never can it rest;
it should then be
no longer beautiful but normal at best

frolicks in the bright;
it ceases to realize
what better to bathe in than honest moonlight.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

i AM gonna blog about each camp. even more so if it ROCKS. yeah SPORTSCAMP rocked totally! even if it ended abruptly. H1N1, do u know u're the bane of fun, so do get the hell out of us and find your haven somewhere else in people who deserve it. like terrorists or something.

very very very happy to have played with (rolling start!) the ZOVB, the pool bubble thingy, windsurfing, cable skiing, canoe polo, water polo, archery, handball, the Jump Leg thingy, and Paintball! this list isn't even exhaustive!

and I really have to say BONANNO ROCKS man. i think it was the one of the best OGs i had in all 4 camps, every single one was ON, no one kept to themselves (other than day 0/1), and we all slowly went crazy together. but just as all the ice melted, H1N1 kicked in full blast bankai form and tore the whole camp apart.

it's ok cuz there's gonna be a Part 2! and we're still in gear five :D as long as the BONANNO tan tattoo doesnt recede off my arm, it's still alive man. shagali your father niah PA!!!

sportscamp really lives up to its name of exhaustion. it was really super duper ultra shagged like shaggy but uber duber dultra fun like seafood horfun. for ONE MORE DAY shall it be. definitely looking forward :D

Saturday, June 20, 2009

对你爱爱爱不完 !

engincamp09 was actually fun! or maybe it was just because i went in with meagre expectations. i'll admit it wasnt as good as the hall camps, but it definitely rocked! and it was memorable enough to not have to rely on photos to remember the moments.

i wonder if camps are actually obligated to align themselves to their theme. like almost all the activities in engincamp were subscribed to the notion of analysing and innovating, and deciphering. even the sheares exposure camp (superbly christened Sheareslock Home) didnt have that much brainwork involved. if that were the case then i wonder again what artscamp would be like. but well, still good, so no complaints.

that aside i have a bone to pick with. it actually somewhat brought down my impression of the camp as a whole. it's this anomalously overrated idiosyncrasy that almost every camp has, called Pageant. or maybe it was just engincamp's pageant. i had both the honour and the misfortune of joining both Sheareslock Home's and Engincamp's pageant events, so i shall compare. whoever u may be, please note that this is only my opinion. there may be others out there who truly advocate glamour and limelight, but i'm just not one of them.

first things first - i definitely enjoyed SECC's pageant more. we wore casuals, our rehearsal took just about half an hour, and our only instructions were where to walk, and the flow of events. everything else was relaxingly up to us.

something which engincamp clearly didn't see value nor virtue in.

we had to be in semiformal (dont really have a bone to pick with this, but it's still a point of comparison), we were taught elaborately how to walk, pose, look, count. and every spare minute was spent having our act scrutinized and corrected. and the rehearsal took close to 2-3 hours. we couldnt even join our OG for dinner, but instead sat in a lonely pathetic corner for dinner. like whoa, are there gonna be modelling scouts there, or was this New Paper Face of the Year or what. it's just a camp, it wasnt even the engin Bash thingy.

i dunno. dont mistake me. i just think a fac camp pageant isnt that big, nor should it require that much seriousness. if u ask me, i'd say i'd rather be together with my OG down there.


Sunday, June 14, 2009


SHEARESLOCK HOME just ended, and again the emotion sets in. the people i met, the games we played, the sand on our faces and the dirty clothes.

scooby doo,

the games in a circle,

the meals (FTW!!),

the CHEERS (FTW!!),

sentosa beach games,

west coast War Games,

Polar Bear,



very grateful for this opportunity to yet again create beautiful memories that i'll never forget in a lifetime.

SCOOOOOBY will......
Slap you flat like gingerbread and never let you slap us back
SCOOOOOBY will......
Slap you O0OOH! Slap you AHH! Slap you slap you O0o La Laaaaa

Sunday, June 07, 2009


just broke camp off CAMP BLUEBLOOD 09 today. which I really have to say ROCKED LIKE CRAZY.

when you go through a 3-day smorgasbord of fun-packed, ABSOLUTELY SPIRITED events and activities, you'd hate to see it end so suddenly without you getting any dreary first. you'd hate to know the camp lasted only 3 days, and you'd hate to know you won't be seeing your mates again in at least a few days. and, you'd also really hate to know the next time you see them again might be the last.

because people hardly spend only 3 days having this gargantuan amount of fun and getting so close to people you never did in 3 days, it seems like a dream of which you'd doubt truth, and yet you know full well it happened, so it becomes a tad magical. really.


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sights and Sounds of a Beautiful Tuesday Morning.

I awoke to the percussive rhythms of hammers and pilings, which were so pleasant to the ears, I absolutely had to abandon my dream for them. The thuds and knocks reverberated and repercussed, with the occasional crash that so beautifully punctuated the beat, sending a jilt to the pulses and innervating the start of my day. Opening the door I stepped into a heavenly mist, taking in the aromatic scent of the immediate cloud, freshly and artfully hacked off the floors, and welcoming the fuzzy sunlight that greeted me through the dust. Shouts and yells from the outside cupped my morning in excitement. I was all ready to start my Tuesday.


Blueblood is in a couple days, Sheareslockhome is in a week, and Sportscamp is in a month. really looking forward to all of them... gonna be fun as hell! gonna be shagged like shaggy but fun like horfun. at last it's time to work hard and play hard again. i've been a slob for 2 years already. kinda like a homecoming, a return to academics and institution, to stu-dentity. and also to (only in singapore) competition - in any aspect.

don't know about the people, im sure they'll all be interesting, but in any case i think i really like my course. really looking forward to reading it too... as of now, that is. haha.